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What a fascinating appointment! Andrea told me SO MUCH about my health, just by looking at a few drops of blood under a microscope. Andrea's compassionate and informative approach reassures that you're in good hands!

I love that Andrea explains what she's seeing at each step, helping you understand what is happening in your body, and WHY you're feeling the way you're feeling. She then offers detailed next steps that start you on your Journey to Health!

For anyone who has been struggling with chronic illness, visiting Andrea is a MUST!

Crystal Moore

I was amazed to see my live blood cells in action, some doing their jobs effectively and others not so much.  Despite my best efforts to eat and live healthful, I was dismayed to see that my blood cells were telling a different story.  As a result of your guidance and the supplements you recommended:


  • My bowels have become much more regular

  • The pain in my jaw, my right shoulder and my right hip were gone within 3 days of starting the supplements and making tweaks to my diet.  I had this debilitating pain for at 6 months. Unbelievable!

  • Eating for my blood type, taking the supplements and introducing DoTerra Essential Oils into our household have all been a God send.


Thank you for your guidance and expertise.  I am looking forward to my follow up dynamic blood test in hopes that my insides look as good as my outside feels.


Life is good.  Thank you Andrea!


Debbie Rathwell

Just had a fabulous session with Andrea at Journey to Health! I am on my road to restoring my health! The blood analysis was phenomenal.


Teachers we now have coverage for this - NaturoPath!

Ellen Murphy

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